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March 6, 2021 | Albums> Gonk Noblige

Gonk Noblige drones forth into geopsychosis. Is this the end for Gonk Noblige?


The Seaweed Shop (Rockpool Outros)

April 1, 2019 | Albums> Commissions> the noises of

A shameful lack of bloggery going on here but here’s a story worth telling.

For Coastal Currents 2018 i was approached by artist Becky Beasley to add some music to a project that involved Wow & Flutter record shop

In years gone by the shop had served as HQ of the suffragettes and an unusual outlet for ornamental seaweed. I had just completed a watery music project concerning Romney Marsh, which Becky felt the sound was ‘seaweedy’ enough to use on her ambitious take-away object; a 12” vinyl record with an information booklet about the previous lives of the shop.

I made a 2o minute mix condensed from Sewer Songs which i also performed* in the shop for the exhibition opening.

You can buy a copy directly from Becky Beasley here www.beckybeasley.com

* laptop and live ephemera


Gonk Noblige

March 16, 2019 | Albums

Gonk is the nom-de-nom-de-plume-de-Ted, responsible for purest drone music. So shameful a practise is this that extra anonymity is called for. Especially as Gonk makes all the ‘music’ with the aid of a computer (OH NO!). However this stuff is worth sharing as it can transport the mind, heal it and provide a useful backdrop for meditation (UH OH).

Gonk refers to this work as a musical drug and suggests everybody try it:

Hopefully ‘performances’ will be arranged at some point. Gonk is rehearsing a Max Wall routine to project into the minds of the audience.


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