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Framework Afield

November 9, 2014 | the noises of

Framework radio very kindly put out the piece i made with six art & design students at Sussex Coast College. The recordings were mostly made in one day in and around the Station plaza campus, save for a little bit i recorded of the nearby power transformers for the adjacent health centre (see if you can pick it out!). We had access to some nice top end gear and some really nice low end magic in the form of Izabela’s 1970’s cassette recorder.

We’d gathered a few hours of raw material and over the coming months i set about remixing it for the programme. There’s a lot of mashing and reconstruction going on but i tried to balance it with a few untreated recordings. Some of it is synthesised using pictures of the building as ‘punchcards’. All nice and industrial. You can listen to it on here and read all about it or go the framework site.


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