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Vehicular sociopathy

May 23, 2016 | the noises of

Part one of a cathartic film score to road rage. A hard thing to admit to the world but maybe we’ve all been there at some point. Enjoy?



Mixcloud #1

June 1, 2015 | the noises of

Assembled golden oldies and newies by way of an intro to the new thismachine album – coming soon(er or later). Apart from that no other Intentional Self Promotion®

Link Road to a Canterbury Ritual part 1 by Ted Versicolor on Mixcloud


Dear Serge 15 Feb 2015

January 16, 2015 | the noises of

Dungeness SpeakerFrom 11:30am – 5pm. I will sit atop the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea for a few hours re-creating foghorn sounds with pine branches and maybe a bass guitar. If i find anything else i will use it. I intend to be LOUD when i get the chance.

DLWP page here. Scroll past Hypnotized and Anneka Warburton till you get to Last Station Located: Bexhill on Sea.

See also the 2013 LAST STATION post below

Update: Well that’s what i thought was happening. In reality i was dragging my gear around to different parts of the building and blasting out wooden fog signals for a few minutes at a time. A fun day was had by all though.


Framework Afield

November 9, 2014 | the noises of

Framework radio very kindly put out the piece i made with six art & design students at Sussex Coast College. The recordings were mostly made in one day in and around the Station plaza campus, save for a little bit i recorded of the nearby power transformers for the adjacent health centre (see if you can pick it out!). We had access to some nice top end gear and some really nice low end magic in the form of Izabela’s 1970’s cassette recorder.

We’d gathered a few hours of raw material and over the coming months i set about remixing it for the programme. There’s a lot of mashing and reconstruction going on but i tried to balance it with a few untreated recordings. Some of it is synthesised using pictures of the building as ‘punchcards’. All nice and industrial. You can listen to it on here and read all about it or go the framework site.


MANJUSAKA – The Equinox Flower

September 30, 2014 | Commissions

Concept and production by Yumino Seki

Initially presented over two nights at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings in 2014, where the evenings were split into three performances with the various sketches alrernately rearranged into sets of 3. The dancers performed in semi darkness using neon lights and a specially built raised platform. I composed some new pieces for it, edited the soundtrack and controlled the live sound during the shows.

The follow up in 2015 used some of the existing scenes and added some more. Performances were changed to a single programme format and run at Rye College, Stade open space (Coastal currents 2015, Hastings) and Leeds Light night 2015.


Hyakki Yakou – A Night Walk of A Hundred Demons

September 22, 2013 | Commissions

September 2013 at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery as part of the Coastal Currents festival

“Conceived and performed by Yumino Seki, Aisa Boaa and Mai Nguyen Tri.  Lighting Jim Roseveare, Soundscape Nick Weekes and Costume Anoushka Athique.
HYAKKI YAKOU is a site-specific Butoh dance performance.  The piece was inspired by  the Durbar Hall at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery.

Hyakki Yakou literally translates to a night walk of a hundred demons. In 17th century Japan objects were believed to be given lives after nearly serving 100 years and the demons were the spirits of deserted objects.”

A perfect opportunity for sampling and wild dance focussed music which was a joy to work on. I mostly confined myself to my partner’s flat as a sound source but also miked up the wooden staircase in the Durbar hall during the performance.

I took some recordings of the rehearsals in the hall as well and a few during a normal day with people wandering around, school visits and so on. One important sample was an old recording of a clockwork musical box/bird that rang out “born free” over and over. I used some of the notes and rearranged them into a tune that runs through the piece.



Last Station

July 6, 2013 | the noises of

I drove to Bridport in Dorset yesterday (170 miles west of Hastings). It made me want to give up driving. Any road, the reason for the torture – so that i could play with pine branches in the manner of foghorns for One Two One




April 20, 2013 | the noises of

Qi is a project from pre 2005. I was trying to make music on an ancient PowerBook 1400c. This device has a 120mhz processor and the best software i could find was the excellent Vision DSP (more…)


In Memoriam

August 2, 2011 | the noises of

I’m collaborating with Cathryn Kemp for her installation ‘In Memoriam’ in the crypt at St. Mary in the Castle, A large Victorian church on the Hastings sea front. The piece is a tribute to the young women who fell victim to tuberculosis in the 19th century and sought the ‘sea cure’ in Hastings, many of whom are buried in the crypt. My job is to add ghostly utterances, whispers and unsettling stuff to the space, yay! Free admission – from Aug 6 – 12.30 pm PV 6 – 8


The Drawing Room

July 30, 2011 | the noises of

A group of artists of varied disciplines were invited to The Stade Hall over two weeks culminating in a public event from 30 July – 31 July 2011 as a part of the Coastal Currents festival. Based in Hastings on the south east coast of England the festival includes open studios and curated events. Jon Weekes (that’s ma boy) created a UPIC type app using Python. It’s very simple but shows off his programming skills rather well. Nice little features like saving when the screen is cleared and an event recorder.


The “Drynth” as he’s called it is projected onto a large screen in the hall and users operate it with a graphics tablet.


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